CP Pistons

Why CP…

  • All pistons are forged from high quality 2618-T61 Alloy, which is more ductile and forgiving. It is the preferred choice for high performance high endurance applications.
  • 100% CNC Machined
  • Customized design software
  • Forgings specific to applications
  • Engineering design done with all the latest FEA Technologies
  • Specialized machining techniques not common to our competition
  • Dedicated fixturing and machine sequencing to consistently produce high quality tight tolerance pistons
  • Widest selection of Cam and Barrel shapes, allowing us to use the most optimum shape for each application, reducing cyl to wall clearance.
  • Unique manufacturing process
  • Ring grooves machined in 2 step process – final step in machining “0.003 to insure optimal flatness’ + excellent ring seal, within 200 millions of an inch average ring groove flatness
  • Ring grooves are measured in a 360 degree circumference
  • Multi step final inspection
  • Dual forced pin oiling for pin lubricity is a standard feature
  • Accumulator groove machined in second ring land to ensure sealing of top ring.
  • Proprietary treated wrist pins and rings manufactured specifically for CP-Carrillo
  • OEM involvement – cross pollination of manufacturing capabilities and design techniques
  • Climate controlled manufacturing process.

“ We have taken engineering to the next level by our in house development software and extremely advanced technical sales staff. Our technology staff provides us with programming systems unheard of in the industry, capable of creating programs to advanced engineering technology that will mate with other components like a glove, making each part as unique as eash engine’s finger print. We take custom to a level of the future, but have the capability to re-create it again and again “.