Spool Imports - R33

"SPOOL" Nissan Skyline R33 Four Door - RB30DET Sleeper.


  • RB30 Block - bored 40thou
  • ACL Forged pistons
  • Decked and oring'd block
  • OEM headgasket
  • ARP Head studs and mains studs
  • Nitrided crank
  • SPOOL H Beam conrods
  • ACL race series bearings
  • Jun oil pump - crank snout modified to suit
  • R34 NEO head - HKS 272 / 9.35 cams, Performance Valve Springs, ported and polished by JHH performance
  • Garrett T04Z turbo 0.96 ex housing
  • Sard 850cc injectors
  • 6 Boost manifold - HKS 60mm wastegate
  • CPC plenum - VH45 90mm throttle body
  • OS Giken Twin Plate Clutch
  • 2 x 044 Bosch Fuel Pumps
  • 3.5 inch dump, exhaust and catalytic converter ( CES )

On August 14th the engine went 581.5 rwhp ( 720 bhp ) on 23psi , pump fuel and a few more changes.

A new surge tank fed by one intank 044 pump has been installed. Two x 044 pumps have been placed after the surge tank and feed the fuel rail. Heavier springs were also installed in the wastegate to keep the boost steadier.

The 581 rwhp achieved is pretty much the limit of power that can be made on pump fuel. Any more power will require a higher octane fuel.

The engine is over 18 months old now, has done over 160 power runs on the dyno and a lot more on the street. It is still in vgc, uses no oil, has even compression in all cylinders.

Next upgrade will be a different ECU where several maps are available, so pump and race fuel can be used. Currently the Apexi Power FC doesn't offer this with its only one map available.

As of March 18 2008 the engine is now making 560rwhp on 23psi. The new 044 pump and 3.5 inch dump pipe are the only mods done to the car.

The car runs on pump 98 Octane fuel, has a catalytic converter fittted, air con, std diff and std tailshaft.

I will update with some 1/4 times in the near future.


The car is currently making 503 rwhp on 20psi on 100ron pump fuel and one Bosch 044 intank fuel pump. An upgrade of the fuel system is planned soon and will help achieve the 550 rwhp goal.