• Spool XR6 Turbo Conrods and CP Forged Pistons
    Spool XR6 Turbo Conrods and CP Forged Pistons

    Spool XR6 Turbo Conrods and CP Forged Pistons

    Spool XR6 Turbo forged connecting rods and Custom CP pistons with 4 valve reliefs.

    These are a custom piston designed to achieve 9.0:1 compression ratio and also include and offset gudgeon pin, the same as the OEM piston.


    Pistons are available in:

    • Compression Ratio: 9.0:1 Comp Ratio
    • Bore Size: +0.5mm
    • Pistons come with rings, gudgeon pins and pin locks
    • Pistons have an offset gudgeon pin same as the OEM piston


    Spool connecting rods feature:

    • ARP 2000 fasteners (L19 fasteners are available as an upgrade)
    • High tensile 4340 forged steel
    • 2 Piece forging
    • Hardness of HRC36-42
    • Dowelled caps for precision alignment
    • X-RAY & Sonic tested
    • Quenching and heat treated
    • Shot peened
    • 100% Magnafluxed
    • Weight Matched Sets +/- 1 gram
    • Vacuum degassed to remove impurities


    CP Pistons standard features include:

    • 5310 gudgeon pins (9310 thicker wall thickness pins are available as an upgrade)
    • Deep valve reliefs accommodate high lift camshafts
    • Larger valve reliefs for +1mm valve sizes
    • Custom skirt cam and barrel design
    • Accumulator grooves
    • High strength aluminium forgings
    • High performance rings
    • Fully CNC machined and balanced to +/- 1 gram
    • Wrist pins included
    • Double pin oilers force fed from oil ring groove
    • Pick lock grooves for easy lock removal
    • Pin fitting included

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