• SPOOL - Mitsubishi 4G63 Stroker Crankshaft - 100mm

    SPOOL - Mitsubishi 4G63 Stroker Crankshaft - 100mm

    Mitsubishi 4G63 100mm Billet 4340 Stroker Crankshaft - Rated at 1000HP plus / 10000 rpm

    This is a true billet crankshaft machined from billet 4340 core stock - not a cast forging blank that is final machined. Each crank is machined from core stock 4340 on a CNC machine, then nitrided, and final ground.
    Rated at 1000HP plus



    With the increased cubic capacity from the 100mm stroker crank, increases of up to 50% in torque and low to mid range power are achievable. Boost will come on earlier in the rev range and peak power will increase.

    Full billet 4340 nitrided balanced full counter weight crankshaft

    The 4G63 engine in its factory form has a 85mm bore and 88mm stroke, giving a displacement of 1997cc.

    Using the 100 mm stroker crank, std length conrods and custom pistons, the displacement is increased as follows:

    • 85.5mm bore and the 100mm stroker crank = 2297cc / 300cc increase
    • 86 mm bore and the 100 mm stroker crank = 2324cc / 327cc increase



    * If con rod to block interference occurs , slight clearancing maybe required

    Crank Weighs 16kg
    4340 Grade Billet Steel
    Fully Counter Weighted
    Nitrided Finish
    Fully Balanced
    Stroke 100mm

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